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     As the list of books that I have published is beginning to get extensive, the best place to check out the books is my Amazon Author’s Page.  You can view my Amazon Author’s Page by clicking here.   I have primarily written about episodes in history but have also published books on the family history and film.


Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt is available at Amazon in paperback and on e-book.

Combat Sports History – William Muldoon Conquers Wrestling and Physical Culture and

Morrissey vs. Poole: Politics, Prizefighting and the Murder of Bill the Butcher

Evan “The Strangler” Lewis: The Most Feared Wrestler of the 19th Century

St. Louis History1920 – The Deadliest Year in St. Louis Police History,

St. Louis’ Civil War: The Streetcar Strike of 1900,

Shootout on Pine Street

2912 Washington and The Death of Arthur Huddleston

FilmFrom Easy Street to High Noon

German Expressionism and The Cat and the Canary

The Forgotten Asian Film Detective: James Lee Wong

If you enjoy these books, I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon.  It helps other readers discover my books.  Thanks for reading.


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