Caity’s New Challenge

    Last fall, my daughter Caitlin faced some unexpected personal challenges, which would have paralysed many people.  However, Caity is not typical.  She doesn’t lie around whining about what happened to her.  Caity took stock of her situation and charted out a new path.

     Caity made her first decision almost immediately.  She felt the stress of the previous few years drastically affected her physical fitness level.  Finishing school and starting a career prevented her from keeping her fitness level up.  Knowing her physical well-being to be the foundation of her mental and spiritual well-being, she joined a gym and hired a personal trainer.


Bulletin Board with my daughter Caity’s new personal record in the dead lift.

     She worked with her personal trainer during the week.  Since she can bring a guest to her gym, I would go with her on Sunday mornings.  As I completed my workout, I would lead her workouts.  Caity progressed very quickly.

     As I knew how much she was hurting personally, I was glad she wanted the old man around and put aside my own reservations about the gym she belonged to.  It is a good starter gym but she is going to outgrow it pretty quickly due to limited fixed weights, dumbbells and equipment.

    However, Caity’s personal trainer has done wonders for her at his gym.  She has only been training seriously for five months.  Yet, Caity has already set a personal record on the dead lift of 225 pounds.  Most of our conversations now revolve around workouts, pre-workout formulas and post-workout protein powers.

     All good things come to end though.  Caity’s personal and professional life have both improved with her fitness level.  We can no longer workout on Sunday mornings but I’m happy for her.  She is in a much better place than she was five months ago because of her refusal to let circumstances beat her.

     We can all learn a lesson from Caity.  When you are dealt a hard and unexpected blow, don’t let it defeat you.  Regroup, refocus and make positive changes in your life.  It may take longer than five months but you will get to the other side.

      Here is a picture of the result of her hard work.  I’m proud of you, baby girl.


Before and After Pictures Show Caity’s Fitness Progress

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