Caleb Gets a Job

     Recently, my youngest son Caleb obtained his first job at a local fast food restaurant.  I was proud of him because Caleb decided he wanted a job, filled out a number of applications and obtained a job close to the house.  Caleb found the job to be a good fit because of the location and working environment.


Kenneth, Caleb and me on the day we promoted Caleb to Red Rank.

     It is interesting watching him deal with the demands of a job: being on time, looking professional and dealing with the stress of job performance.  He has passed all of these tests with flying colors.

     As Caleb turns 17 this week, I’m reminded that Tam and I are working ourselves out of a job.  Before we know it, all three of the kids will be self-sufficient adults.  Mom and Dad will be moving into a new phase of life.  I can’t speak for Tam but I want to be a grandfather in the near future.

     Caleb has shown the determination to this summer to achieve whatever goal he sets.  I never encouraged him to get a job until he was done with college but he is determined to go his own way.  Each one of our kids walks their own path.

     Have a great birthday, son.  You earned it.  I know I’m not always the easiest father but I love you and want the best for you.  Your mom and I are very proud of you.

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