The Diaz-Ellis-Zimmerman Family Ebook

     I have finished the PDF ebook of the family history of the Diaz, Moellenberg, Ellis, Mosblech, Zimmerman and Deweese clans.  I will send it to any member of the family who wants a copy.  I will also keep all the family history posts on the blog as well.


Picture of William Ellis, his wife Caroline and her parents, Frederick and Johanna Johannpeter

     I wanted the ebook to have a number of pictures, so it is not a regular book at this time.  If there is enough demand, I would make it available but chose not to do so right now.  First, it does not cost me anything to email a PDF.  If the family wants a book, it would probably cost anyone that wanted a copy around 15 dollars or more.

     Since many of the pictures are in color and the book is set to be a 8.5″ x 11″,  Create Space will charge more to produce the books.  Create Space is a print on demand subsidiary of Amazon.

    It is also harder to format a book with pictures.  I am not going to put myself through it for what will probably be a low demand product.


Joseph (Josef) Diaz – Date Unknown

     Since the family history is never really complete, I will be writing at least one genealogy article a month.  If you want to submit your own reflections or memories, send me your memories on e-mail.  I will post it in a family history article.  I imagine that most months, I will be writing only one article.


Frank O., Grandma Zimmerman and his three sons. I am the baby on Grandma’s lap.

     From the beginning of this project, I wanted to get others family members involved.  Otherwise, it is primarily my recollections and memories.  If everyone contributed one post, we would have a history three or more times larger than the current one.

     What are your favorite memories?  You can leave a comment or ask a question about this or any post on my Facebook pageTwitter profile and Google+ page.

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