Family History Project

     I originally started blogging at the end of February 2013 to record all the family research on-line.  I had been compiling the family history since I graduated college in 2004.  I wanted to put my history skills to use for the practical purpose of recording the family history.  I materially completed the project at the end of 2013 but occassionally add another story.


Picture of William Ellis, his wife Caroline and her parents, Frederick and Johanna Johannpeter

     Ellis-Mosblech Family – My maternal grandparents, Gilbert Ellis and Alvina Mosblech, were the focus of this project.  I lacked information about my grandfather’s family because his father William died when Grandpa was two years old.  Through public records, I know more about his father than Grandpa did.  Grandma was one of 14 children.  Grandpa was an only child.

     You can read the posts from this project through the Ellis Family Tag.  I also compiled this family history in a paperback with pictures for anyone who wanted a book copy of the project.


Joseph (Josef) Diaz – Date Unknown

     Diaz Family History – In 1981, my mother remarried my stepfather, Ernest C. Diaz.  Dad raised us, so I wanted to record his family history as well.  His father, Joseph Diaz, was a Mexican imigrant.  His mother, Marie Moellenberg, was a first generation American child of German immigrants.  You can read these posts through the Diaz Family Tag.


Parker Zimmerman holding Harry and Dolly Zimmerman holding Frank O. in Commerce, MO in 1913.

  Zimmerman-Deweese Family History – My paternal grandparents, Frank O. Zimmerman and Eloise V. Deweese, were born and raised in Southeast Missouri.  Frank O.’s father Parker was killed by Cape Girardeau Tornado of 1949.  Eloise’s grandfather John Riley Deweese held the position of Republican Party Committee Chairman for Welch Township, Cape Girardeau.

     You can read the posts from this project through the Zimerman Family Tag.  I also compiled a paperback for this project for anyone wanting a book copy of the family history.

     I hope you find this project helpful in your family history journey.

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