George Washington Story (1943 – 1900)

     My second great-grandfather George Washington Story was born in August 1843 to Gilford Dudley Story and his second wife Nancy Jane Story nee Womack.  George was born in Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois, USA.  He was the fourth of Dudley’s and Nancy’s nine children.


Amanda Isabelle “Mandy” Steen and her husband George Steen

     George Washington Story married his first wife and my second great-grandmother Malinda Davis on November 26, 1863 in Franklin, Illinois.  George was 20 and Malinda was 13 years old.  They would not have their first child until 1868, when son James Story was born.  Six more children would follow.  William Robert was born in 1870.  Mary Elizabeth Story was born in 1876.  Amanda Isabelle “Mandy” Story was born in July 1877.

     George B. “Jerry” Story was born in 1833.  My great-grandmother Lydia Margarete “Dollie” Story was born on June 23, 1885.  George and Malinda’s baby Thomas Monroe Story was born in 1886.

     Like so many Americans living in Nineteenth Century rural America, the Story family always had to be worried about diseases.  In early 1891, Malinda would die at the young age of 41.  With only one adult child and eight little ones, George Washington Story had a large family to try to raise, while maintaining a full farming schedule.

     Before 1891 was over, 48-year-old George found some relief from this burden by marrying 22-year-old Margaret Sweat on August 20, 1891.  George would have two more children with Margaret.  Riley Story was born in 1893.  Hattie May was born in 1894.

     Heartache would visit George again.  In 1894 possibly during Hattie’s birth, Margaret also died.  The task of helping with the children fell primarily to my great-grandmother, who would eventually be assisted by her widowed sister Mandy, who moved back in with their father.

     On either September 19, 1900 or in 1903, George Washington Story would die himself leaving two young children for their siblings to care for.  Fortunately, Riley and Hattie Mae had several older siblings to take care of them.

     I plan to write-up several other of the Story family members in the next few months.  Look for another Story article at the end of summer or beginning of fall.

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