Amalia “Mollie” Johannpeter (1873 – 1946)

     Amalia Maria “Mollie” Johannpeter was born to Frederick William August Johannpeter and his wife Hanna, the former Johanna Grieve, on March 21, 1973 in St. Charles, Missouri.  “Mollie” was the fourth child and third oldest daughter born to Frederick and Hanna.

     Like quite a few of the Johannpeters, I only have a little information about “Mollie”.  She was eight years older than my great grandmother, Caroline Lena “Lee” Johannpeter.  Great Grandma was the youngest daughter and second youngest of the nine Johannpeter children.


Johannpeter Family

     “Mollie” grew up in St. Charles, Missouri.  Sometime prior to 1896, “Mollie” married Lincoln County resident Noah Pierce.  Together, Noah and Mollie would have three children, Anna Marie Pierce, William Pierce and Franklin Pierce.

     Anna Marie Pierce was born in Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri on March 11, 1896.  Anna married a St. Charles Police Officer, Clifford C. Jones.  However, Anna died from chronic heart problems on April 17, 1931 at only 35 years of age.

     I do not have much information on either William or Franklin Pierce.  Based on their probable birth dates, I have to believe they have both passed on as well.

     Mollie lived to be 72 years old but was treated as an in-patient at State Hospital No. 4 in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri from May 13, 1943 until her death on February 5, 1946.  Mollie developed psychosis not long after her 70th birthday.

     Her husband Noah Pierce outlived Mollie by seven years.  Noah had been born in Lincoln County, Missouri on August 17, 1870.  A carpenter like her father Frederick, Noah moved Mollie and their children to St. Charles, Missouri, where they lived for the rest of their lives outside of Mollie’s confinement in the State Hospital.  Noah died from heart disease like his daughter on July 17, 1953 at 82 years of age.

     Anna’s husband Clifford was mentioned in Noah’s obituary.  Clifford did not outlive his father-in-law for very long.  Two weeks later on August 2, 1953, Clifford died from a heart attack, three days before his 65th birthday.  Anna and Clifford may have had a daughter as the informant on his death certificate was Mrs. Ralph Brooks of St. Charles, Missouri.

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