No Back Down in Kenneth

     My oldest son Kenneth turns 19 this week.  All three of my kids have their own special talents and bent.  Kenneth has always focused on two things in his life: martial arts and the Bible.  When he was 14, he did all the Bible merits available at Royal Rangers over one summer.  A friend of his and I convinced him to earn his Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) in Royal Rangers, which he did the following year.

     Kenneth has continued to grow in his faith.  He has assisted Ryan with his ministry for much of its existence.  Kenneth took an apologetics class last year at Liberty University.  He took to the course work right away and has attempted to apply it ever since.

trey -getting -black -belt

Awarding “Trey” his black belt on April 27, 2013.

     Recently, Kenneth started writing more articles of his own challenging a lot of the false doctrines in the modern Christian church.  Kenneth attacks the ideas of these movements not the people, who preach them.  He realized long ago that the doctrines are dangerous because they often outlive the minister preaching them.  Naming names also has a tendency to take the focus off the wrong ideas of the doctrine and make it a personality contest to the general public.

     This fact will not protect Kenneth from criticism.  He has already faced some on social media because the proponents of these doctrines don’t like their ideas being challenged.  I think they better get used to it.

     Since Kenneth was a little boy, when he thought something was wrong, he confronted it.  We had to reel him back in a couple of times, mainly because it was not his place to assert himself, but generally Kenneth has always challenged wrong such as bullying, trying to call something Scriptural, which is not from Scripture, etc.  In all those years, I’ve never seen him back down even when confronting superior numbers or older adults.

     I’m proud of his willingness to stand up for himself.  I’ve also cautioned him that are greatest strengths are also often our greatest weaknesses.  As long as he always balances justice with mercy and confrontation with a caring spirit, Kenneth will be okay.  It doesn’t mean he will be the most popular.  I don’t think he would want that anyway.

     Happy Birthday, Son!

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