The Greene Murder Case (1929)

      The Greene Murder Case (1929) is a Philo Vance film starring William Powell.  The film also stars Jean Arthur in an early talking film role.  The Greene Murder Case was based on the Philo Vance books by S.S. Van Dine.  Van Dine wrote the book version of The Greene Murder Case in 1928.

     The film begins with the executor of the Greene estate meeting with a number of Greene family heirs.  The heirs must stay at the Greene estate for 15 years to fulfill the terms of the will.  On the night of the meeting, an unknown assassin shoots two of the heirs.  One survives but the other heir dies from their wounds.

     Philo Vance returns to help the police after his success in solving the Canary Murder Case (1929).  Vance suspects one of the other heirs is the shooter.  He races to solve the crime before all the family is killed.


William Powell from the Public Domain

      William Powell was born on July 29, 1892 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  According to the Internet Movie Database, Powell started on the stage in the 1910s before transitioning to film in the 1920s.  Powell started in many of the early Philo Vance films before transitioning to the more popular Thin Man series of films.

     Powell continued to act until 1955, when he retired from acting at 63 years of age.  Powell passed away at 91 years of age on March 5, 1984.

     The film runs about 66 minutes.  For an early talkie, it is an enjoyable viewing experience.  Powell does a good job portraying the debonair sleuth.  You may not recognize Jean Arthur as Ada Greene.  You can view it on You Tube by clicking here.

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