Reordering My Morning Routine

       I use my morning routine to set the thermostat for my entire day. I start the day with the Lord, get some exercise and plunge into my work day before most people are heading to their jobs or occupations.

     I usually get up between 4:15 and 4:30 a.m.  I start the morning by listening to the Irish and Celtic podcast, take my preworkout and head to the gym four days a week. I usually take Thursday morning off because I teach Taekwondo on Thursday night.


A picture of me from a couple years ago.

     While I’m working out, I listen to a business or sports themed podcast.  I lift weights for about 45 minutes and finish with 20-30 minutes of cardio.

     After I finish my workout, I spend time with the Lord including the readings from a Liturgical calendar and listen to podcasts on my Windows Phone.  Word on Fire Ministries with Archbishop Robert Barron is my frequent Christian podcast.  My sister introduced me to Bishop Barron’s teaching last year.  Bishop Barron is an insightful and effective teacher.

     Since I commute, I often read my Bible readings for day on the bus.  I receive an email with the readings each morning.  By the time I arrive at work,  I’ve prepared myself mentally, physically and spiritually for the day.

     This morning routine may not work for your circumstances.  You should look for a morning routine which works for you.  I provided a general framework.  If you just mindlessly copy my exact routine, you probably won’t get the results you would like.

     If you do something differently in your morning (or anytime) routine, you can leave a comment about this post on my Facebook pageTwitter profile and Google+ page.

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