I watched one of the build “your WordPress site in 20 minutes” videos.  I had the site up in twenty minutes but it took considerably longer to make functional.  I recommend two things for building your blog.  In full disclosure, Bluehost is an affiliate links that I earn a commission on if you are satisfied keep the service.


WordPress 101.  I am no longer a WordPress 101 affiliate but I still recommend signing up for a year membership.  It costs about as much as a fast food night out with your family.  It cut down the learning curve for me significantly.  I recommend watching all the videos before you start to build your site.

BlueHost (affiliate link). I recommend signing up with BlueHost for your self-hosted website.  You own the website instead of relying on someone not shutting off your website. Whether you sign up for 1,2 or 3 years, you pay the hosting fee all at one time.  It is how they are able to offer the service so cheaply.


Parker Zimmerman holding Harry and Dolly Zimmerman holding Frank O. in Commerce, MO in 1913.


Missouri Secretary of State Site – On-line Death Certificate Datebase for Missouri deaths between 1910 and 1964. – I am not an affiliate for Ancestry but they have the most extensive records archive plus member family trees.  You can exist free resources before you sign up for one of their membership levels.


Library of Congress – Great site for finding historical photos, archives and newspapers.  The archives can often get you past a dead end.

Google Books is also a helpful place to start.


I like Netflix and Hulu+.  My favorite free channels are on YouTube, MrFilmschatten and The Video Cellar.  They both show classic movies.  I recently joined Amazon Prime (July 2016) and think they have some very good films.

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