St. Louis Weatherman’s House Burglarized

     On December 3, 1900, St. Louis meteorologist Dr. R. J. Hyatt studied the latest data about a snowstorm threatening St. Louis for the following afternoon.  While Dr. Hyatt attempted to refine his forecast, his wife called with news their house at 6015 Suburban Avenue had been burglarized.  Dr. Hyatt quickly left his office to rush home.

     Fueling Dr. Hyatt’s anxiety was concern for his wife and children.  Fortunately, they were Downtown shopping during the burglary.  Dr. Hyatt arrived home to find his house ransacked.  The burglars dumped out most of the drawers and emptied closets.


Dr. Hyatt’s Former Home at 6015 Suburban Avenue

     The burglars did not find many valuables, so they took a suit belonging to Dr. Hyatt and few dresses belonging to Mrs. Hyatt.  The Hyatts’ believed other items were missing but found most of them after cleaning up the mess left by the burglars.

     Responding St. Louis Police Officers believed the burglars were disturbed by something during the crimes as they left silverware, jewelry and most of the expensive items in the house.

     The burglars cut a hole in the slats on the rear windows to make entry into the house.  The St. Louis Police did not find any clues to the burglars’ identities.

     The Hyatts bought the 1726 square foot home new.  Built in 1899, the Hyatts were the original owners of the house in the wealthy West End.  Many of St. Louis’ upper middle class lived in the West End at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

     Today, the West End is a distressed neighborhood in St. Louis.  While many fine brick homes still stand and are beautifully maintained, several other homes are falling down.  The City of St. Louis has also demolished many of these homes leaving vacant lots in their place.

     6015 Suburban may become one of these vacant lots.  The building has been vacant since 1990.  The Land Revitalization Agency (LRA) came into possession of the house in 2013 or 2014.  Once properties end up on the LRA list, they often deteriorate until they fall down.  This fate may await 6015 Suburban Avenue.

     Dr. Hyatt revised his forecast on December 4th from snow to rain.  A southerly wind kept the temperatures above freezing.  He was probably overjoyed to get back to weather forecasting and free from dealing with burglars in one of St. Louis’ exclusive neighborhoods.

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