Terror By Night (1946)

     Universal Pictures released the thirteenth of fourteen Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes on February 1, 1946.  Twentieth Century-Fox produced the first two films.  Universal produced the final 12 films.  Terror By Night (1946) finds Holmes hired to protect the Star of Rhodesia diamond on a train bound for Scotland.


Basil Rathbone in his more famous role as Sherlock Holmes

     Rodney Carstairs hires Holmes to protect the diamond.  His mother Lady Margaret Carstairs owns the diamond.  While they were visiting London, thiefs attempted to steal the diamond.  Fearing further robbery attempts, Rodney Carstairs approaches Sherlock Holmes for help.

     Inspector Lestrade, played by Dennis Hoey, is also on the train ostensibly to take a fishing vacation.  Lestrade is actually also worried about another theft attempt.

     As the train is pulling out of the station, Dr. John Watson, played by Nigel Bruce, and Major Duncan-Bleek, played by Alan Mowbray, jump on the train at the last minute.

     Duncan-Bleek is Dr. Watson’s friend.  They met in a London social club.

     A few miles into the train trip the men find Rodney Carstairs dead from a mysterious poison.  The Star of Rhodesia diamond is also missing.

     Holmes begins to suspect Colonel Sebastian Moran is responsible for the murder and theft.  Moran avidly studies mathematics.  Holmes believes this passion for mathematics will lead him to Moran.

     As usual, Universal Pictures produces a much better than average “B” film.  Terror By Night runs about 58 minutes.  You can view it for free by clicking here.

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