The Black Castle (1952)

     On December 25, 1952, Universal Pictures released The Black Castle (1952), a mystery-thriller set in an Austrian castle.  Oddly, the film was released in Sweden ten days earlier.  Universal must have wanted a Christmas release for its U.S. debut.  Richard Green plays Sir Richard Burton, an English nobleman travels to the castle of Count von Bruno to investigate the disappearance of two friends at the castle.

     Count von Bruno, portrayed by Stephen McNally is an odd character with a hidden grievance.  In his employ is a powerful but mentally challenged man called Gargon played by veteran horror film actor Lon Chaney, Jr.  Gargon hates Englishmen, which puts Burton in immediate danger.


Boris Karloff from the Public Domain

     Also in von Bruno’s employ is Dr. Meissen, played by Boris Karloff.  Dr. Meissen struggles with alcohol and his convictions about working for a sadist like Count von Bruno.

     Complicating Sir Ronald Burton’s investigation is the developing feelings he has for Count von Bruno’s unwilling bride, Countess Elga von Bruno, played by Rita Corday.  Sir Ronald suspects von Bruno murdered his first wife and is determined to rescue Elga before her husband disposes of her to make room for his new mistress.

     Richard Green was born in Plymouth, Devon, England on Augst 25th in either 1914 or 1918.  Green was a fourth generation actor, who ended up with 59 movie and television credits.

     Green is most famous as the 1950s television Robin Hood but also played Nayland Smith in one of the Fu Manchu films.  Richard Green died of a heart attack on June 1, 1985 in Norfolk, England, United Kingdom.

     The film runs about 82 minutes.  You can find it on classic movie channels from time to time.  Let me know what you think of the film.

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