The Moellenberg Home in 1940

     In the 1940 Census, John Moellenberg and his family lived in a two-family flat in the Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis, MO.  John Moellenberg was my stepfather Ernest C. Diaz’s grandfather.  Moellenberg’s first wife Adele died in 1904.  Now a widower with three children, John Moellenberg married Wilhemina Lansing in 1905.  They had a daughter Johanna in 1907.  At some point prior to 1940, Johanna married a man by the last name of Curtis.


John Moellenberg’s Home in 1940 – Courtesy of Google Earth

     In 1940, Johanna and her two children, Lewis age 12, and Marion age 10, are living with her father and mother at 7406A Michigan Avenue.  Built in 1910, the Moellenberg’s lived on the second floor.  I’m not sure exactly why Johanna and her children were living with John and Wilhemina Moellenberg.

     I cannot find a death certificate where her husband died in St. Louis.  On the Census, the Census taker started to write in her martial status as married but scratches it out.  I feel confident that Mr. Curtis was not in the military.  He either abandoned his wife, she left him or one or both filed for divorce.

     The Moellenbergs were still living at 7406A Michigan when John Moellenberg passed away on August 15, 1942 at 81 years of age.  John Moellenberg was born in Germany on March 30, 1861.  Wilhemina lived until 1956, while Johanna passed away at 70 in 1977.  I don’t know what happened to Lewis and Marion.  Hopefully they had long and happy lives.

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