The Shanghai Cobra (1945)

     Monogram Pictures released The Shaghai Cobra (1945) in U.S. theaters on September 29, 1945.  Phil Karlson directed the film about a plot to break into a bank.  The bank vault contains the government’s stores of radium.


Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan from the Public Domain

     Set during World War II, the U.S. Government dispatches Inspector Charlie Chan, played by Sidney Toler, to prevent the theft of the radium.  Charlie Chan suspects escaped Shanghai fugitive Jan Van Horn may be responsible for the plot.

     Inspector Chan knows the mystery man or woman behind the plot previously resided in Shanghai.  The mystery man is also responsible for several mysterious poisoning deaths.

     Charlie Chan is assisted in his investigation by private detective Ned Stewart, played by James Cardwell, as well as number 3 son Tommy and Birmingham Brown.  An anonymous client hired Stewart to tail and protect Paula Webb, a secretary at the bank.

     Joan Barclay played Paula Webb in what would be her last of her 85 film roles.  Barclay was born Mary Elizabeth Geear on August 31, 1914.  She began acting in films in the mid-1920s as a teenager.  She acted in films until she married a rent-a-car business owner around the time of this film’s release.

     Like most of the Monogram films, The Shanghai Cobra runs a little over 64 minutes.  You can watch it for free on YouTube.

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