Two Weeks To Live (1943)

     On February 26, 1943, RKO Pictures released the third film based on the popular Lum and Abner radio show.  Two Weeks To Live (1943) stars Chester Lauck as Lum Edwards and Norris Goff as Abner Peabody.  Lauck and Goff, who also wrote the show, played the characters on radio beginning in 1931.

     The show began as a 15 minute radio show but was extended to a 30 minute show based on its popularity.  Lum and Abner owned the Jot’Em Down Store, where they spent more time playing checkers than working.


Lum and Abner on Film

     In this film, Abner has inherited a railroad line.  Lum and Abner take investment payments from their neighbors, who want to be partners in the endeavor.  However, they find the railroad to be worthless.

     Having spent most of the $10,000.00 investment, Lum and Abner must find a way to pay back the townspeople or be shamed and arrested.

     A possible solution comes to Lum in an unusual way.  After Abner falls down the steps and mistakenly believes he has a terminal illness, Lum begins to offer Abner for dangerous but high paying experiments and stunts.  What will happen to poor Abner?

     Norris Goff was born on May 30, 1906 in Cove, Arkansas.  Goff’s family moved to Mena, Arkansas, where he met lifelong friend and business partner, Chester Lauck.  After graduating Mena High School and the University of Arkansas, they began their back country routine on local radio.  They were quickly picked up by a national network.

     After retiring from film and radio in the 1950s, Goff remained in California.  He died of a stroke on June 7, 1978 in Palm Desert, California.  Goff was 72 years old.

     Two Weeks To Live runs about 76 minutes.  You can watch the film on-line.  Let me know what you think of this film.

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