Emmanuel DeHodiamount House

The Emmanuel DeHodiamont House is the oldest privately owned residence (the Bissell Mansion is the oldest building) in the city of St. Louis.  Emmanuel DeHodiamont was a farmer, who purchased the land in 1829.  He built the house shortly after he purchased the property.


Emmanuel DeHodiamount House – Courtesy of Google Earth

The house was built in 1830.  DeHodiamont lived on the property which was a farm until 1871, when he sold it to some railroad speculators.  The house was renovated into a Gothic Revival house in 1875.

The first floor stone facade can still be seen from the outside.  The stone walls are two feet thick.  The 1875 edition is mainly wood frame.

When the railroad did not come through the neighborhood, it was divided up and blocks built out starting in the 1890s.

Today, the neighborhood has experienced some decay.  The Land Redevelopment Authority (LRA) owns 189 properties in the neighborhood.  The DeHodiamont House itself was vacant for a few years but it has since been purchased.

It is still in good shape and looks to have quite a lot of life left in it.  Preservationists every where can smile over a rare victory for historical housing in St. Louis City.

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