Ease Into Your Resolutions

My wife recently shared a humorous video about New Year’s resolutions on working out to my Facebook page.  Every year I tell her about the New Year and April/May rushes, where the gym is really busy for about two weeks and then goes back to normal.

However, the more I thought about it, the more it seems a real shame.  Every year, a lot of people realize they should make better choices with diet and exercise but give up after only a few weeks.  Why do so many people start the year so well but quit so quickly?


Me Breaking Boards around age 26

Inevitably, the changes most people attempt are too radical too soon.  I see many well-meaning people attempt to jump into a six day a week training program with a clean eating program on New Year’s Day.  If they are still going by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it is a miracle.

If you do not exercise, when you start, you will be very sore.  You need a break-in period to ease into training.  Start out training Monday-Wednesday-Friday for your first month or two.  I would do a whole body weight training session over about 45 minutes, drink a whey protein shake and finish off with 20 minutes of cardio.  Stretch on your off days and focus on recovery activities like foam rolling.

For your diet, if you eat a lot of fast food or rich foods, you will need a break-in period for your diet also.  It takes two to three weeks for your taste buds to acclimate to new foods.  You aren’t suddenly going to crave salads and water.

I would add some clean protein sources like chicken, turkey and if you like fish, salmon and tilapia, as you eliminate other foods like cheeseburgers.  Don’t be afraid to have them as an occasional treat but once a week is too much.  If you drink six Cokes a day, cut back to three for your first few weeks as you cut down to one or eliminate them.

Also keep your goals in mind.  If you want to be healthy, a reasonable workout routine and diet will take care of you.  To look like many of the people you see on YouTube, you will have to take your training and nutrition to extreme levels.

For me, I’m just trying to wrestle Father Time to a draw.  I hope 2018 finds you healthier.

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