From Prince Mikhail of Chernigov to Stalin

I published this book as a bit of an experiment.  It was my first release and not well received.  I recently decided to unpublish this book, which covers Russian History from Medieval Times and the invasion of the Mongols up to the Soviet Era in the early 1990s.

If you would like to read the book on-line, I will finish publishing the remaining book chapters on the website in the first few months of 2018.  You can find all the chapters under the Miscellaneous History tag.


From Prince Mikhail of Chernigov to Stalin

The first couple of essays are about the Princes of Kiev and Muscovy trying to establish their rule over the Rus lands.

Prince Mikhail of Chernigov was the first Prince to be in a position to conquer the land but the Tartar invasion stopped him before he consolidated power.

Eventually Ivan III and his descendants would establish the Tsar of All Russias.

The Imperial Russian essays deal with the conditions of Ukrainian nationalism in both the Austrian and Russian empires as well as during the reigns of Peter the Great and Catherine Great.

The final essay is about the Decembrist Revolt during the time of Alexander I and Nicholas I.

The modern Russian history essays deal with both the Revolution of 1905, Revolution of 1917 and the fate of different nationalities during the Soviet era.  Special emphasis is placed on revolutionary movements and the fate of the Ukrainians.

You can read the entire book on this website.  It is no longer available on Amazon.

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