Francis Mosblech Marries Rosemary Kalt

     On February 23, 1946, my great uncle Francis Mosblech married Rosemary Kalt at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church.  The 23-year old Francis had recently returned from service in the U.S. Army during World War II.  Aunt Rosemary was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kalt.

     Father Clarence Winkler officiated the ceremony.  The March 3, 1946 edition of St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Aunt Rosemary wore a white brocaded moir gown with a tulle veil.  She was attended to by her maid of honor and sister, Dorothy Kalt.  Mary Ann Mosblech and Miss Rosemary Walsh were her bridesmaids.  Judith Lamping and my aunt, Maureen Ellis, served as flower girls.


St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, site of Uncle Francis; and Aunt Rosemary’s wedding, in St. Louis, MO – Courtesy of Geo St. Louis

     Oliver Sucker was Uncle Francis’ best man.  Vernon Bauer, Louis Kettenbach and Christian “Chris” Mosblech were the groomsmen.  Tragically, Great Grandma Magdalena Mosblech died from diabetes in May 1945 causing her to miss the weddings of her younger children.

      After the wedding, the party had breakfast at the Saum Hotel.  The wedding reception occurred later in the evening at Swiss Hall.  Uncle Francis and Aunt Rosemary took a wedding trip before returning to live in St Louis.

     Uncle Francis and Aunt Rosemary had a long and happy marriage.  One of fourteen children, Uncle Francis would bring 12 children into the world with Aunt Rosemary.  The Mosblechs believed in large families.

     My grandfather, Gilbert Ellis, told me he respected Uncle Francis because he sent all twelve of his children to Catholic schools.  Grandpa thought Uncle Francis was tight with a buck but said you had to respect him for overcoming the financial hardship of private education for 12 children.

     I remembered Uncle Francis because he and Uncle Chris looked so much alike.  Later, when I met Uncle Eddie, all three brothers strongly resembled each other.  I found it interesting because Grandma’s eight sisters did not all favor each other.

     Uncle Francis enlisted in the U.S. Army on November 14, 1942, after the United States entered World War II.  I wonder if his service delayed his marriage to Aunt Rosemary because they married not long after he returned from the service.

     Thanks to Uncle Francis for his service.

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Source: Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, March 3, 1946 edition, p. 55

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