Getting Out of Mount for Strikers

Taekwondo stylists and other strikers need to develop competency in ground fighting and getting back to their feet to maximize their arts effectiveness.  We fill so strongly about teaching students how to get back to their feet that we teach the Oompa Drill below during a student’s first lesson at the academy.

Usually after developing competency in the Oompa Drill, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student would be taught how to do an open and closed guard pass.  However, we primarily teach taekwondo practitioners.  Instead of teaching the guard pass, we teach a ground and pound drill to allow the striker to get back to their feet.  We will be sharing this drill in a subsequent post.


Kenneth’s and Caleb’s Black Belt Promotions

If you are a striker, make the oompa drill a regular part of your training.  You don’t need and most cannot achieve expert status in every area of self-defense but you can develop competency in striking, grappling and legal weapons/tools like the cane.

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