Green Rank – The Last Beginning Step

After you earn your Green Rank, you will have completed your first year of training.  Congratulations.  On average, 75 percent of students who started with you have already quit training.  Lucky for you, they will be much better targets for criminals.

A humorous anecdote is told about two campers worried about a bear attack.  One of the campers tells his friend, “I don’t think we can outrun a bear.”  His friend replies, “I don’t have to outrun the bear.  I only have to outrun you.” We don’t want anyone to be attacked but if you are attacked, we want you to be ready.


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Green Rank Requirements (About 4 Months)

Striking: Low Block, Outside Middle Block, Inside Middle Block and High Block along with Turning Back Kick, Spinning Back Kick and Ax Kick on pads.  Timing Drills: Side Kick, Punch to Nose and Low, Inside, Outside Conditioning Timing Drill.

Throws: Break Falls, Outer Leg Takedown and Body Fold Takedown.

Self-Defenses and Submissions: Overhead Knife Defense, Bear Hug Over Arms – Front, Americana Arm Lock, Gun Pointed at Stomach, Club Defense – Slide, Headlock Escape with Frame – Resistance, Underhand Knife Defense, One-Hand Choke Defense, Straight Arm Lock, Gun Take Away from Waistband – Front, Side Kick and Straight Arm Lock Application.

Form: Taeguek Sam Jang

If you made all of the classes in your first year, you have completed the below black belt curriculum one time.  It’s time to go deeper into the curriculum during your second time through as an intermediate student.

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