Intro and Next Generation Challenge

The story of our family begins in England, Germany, Ireland, France and various other European countries as well as Mexico and the American Indian peoples. It includes journeys through numerous states and areas but it is intrinsically linked to Missouri in general and St. Louis, MO in particular. You will meet some family members that you know or knew and numerous family members that you do not know or never knew. I hope by tracing your roots, you can develop a sense of your history and appreciation for the family and your place in it.


Picture of William Ellis, his wife Caroline and her parents, Frederick and Johanna Johannpeter

I will not write much about those in our family, who are still alive. With concerns about identity theft and the open environment that we live in today, I will primarily concentrate on past generations. I think these stories will delight, surprise and even shock you.  We have produced a few garden variety scoundrels as well as ministers, land owners and lots of military men.



My kids, nieces, nephews and me

Through my mom’s side, I will write about the Ellis, Mosblech and Diaz families. Through my dad’s side, I will write about the DeWeese and Zimmerman families. For my kids, I will include the Warden and Reeves families. As new material becomes available, I will update this history but it is up to one of the next generation to continue the story one day.

As many of you know, I can be quite opinionated particularly about things I am passionate about such as the family history. I do not intend to offend anyone with anything that is said.  Please forgive me, if you don’t like my rhetorical flourishes. I want this family history to be a blessing to you, not a weight.

If you really feel strongly, you can let me know. I inherited my Grandpa Ellis’ open mindedness. As my cousin Jackie used to say, “He figured that if you disagreed with him, you were probably wrong.” He was perfectly okay with you being wrong.

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