The Second Step, Orange Rank

Orange Rank is the next step on the path to obtaining a 1st Degree Black Rank in the Zimmerman Self-Defense System.  You will continue to learn new techniques and start to figure out what you are naturally good at and what you need to work on more.

Orange and Green Ranks sometimes trouble students because the novelty of training in martial arts wears off but the student often still feels uncoordinated and awkward.

If you are feeling this way, don’t worry about it.  It’s a normal feeling.  Push through and you will start to feel more comfortable as you train.


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Orange Rank Requirements (About 4 Months)

Striking: Backfist, Regular Punch (Jab), Reverse Punch (Cross), Back-Leg Roundhouse Kick, Front-Leg Roundhouse Kick, Step Side Kick and Scoop Side Kick on pads.  Timing Drills: Punch to Target and Front Snap Kicks.

Grappling: Break Falls, Osoto Gari, Hip Throw, Side Control and Open Guard Pass.

Self-Defenses: Two-Hand Front Choke Defense, Lapel Grab Defense, Bear Hug from Behind (Over Arms), Club Defense, Gun Takeaway from the Waist Band, Front Headlock Escape (Sitting Back), Headlock Escape With Frame, Choke From Behind (Standing), Front Kick and Front Choke.

Optional: Taeguek Yi Jang

Since you learned all the high percentage strikes at Yellow Rank, we move into some of the more common strikes at Orange Rank.  You will also start to use your hands in combination at this rank.

You will also learn one of the most important skills at Orange Rank.  Before we continue your grappling education, you will start to learn how to take break falls.  Break falls can save you from slipping on a floor or being thrown by a strong opponent.  After learning how to throw, you learn a couple throws.

Self-defense remains the focus.  You will learn 8 more self-defenses at this level.  Taeguek Yi Jang is the second World Taekwondo Federation form.


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