The Woman in Green (1945)

     The Woman in Green (1945) is the ninth of twelve Sherlock Holmes produced by Universal Pictures.  Basil Rathbone returns as Holmes in the eleventh of fourteen turns as the English slueth.  The film is one of the few “B” series films, which could have been an “A” film.  Sherlock Holmes investigates the murder of several young London women.  After they are murdered, the killer removes the victim’s forefinger.


     Scotland Yard believes a madman is responsible for the murders.  Holmes however suspect the plot to be the work of master criminals.  He points out the surgically removed finger as one of his first clues.  During the invesitgation, Holmes discovers the murders were in aide of a more clever crime.

    The Women in Green is not much of a mystery.  Within the first 30 minutes, the viewer knows who is behind the plot.  Sherlock Holmes builds the suspense in the film as you try to guess how he will solve the crimes.

    Universal Film significantly improved the production quality of the film.  The Women in Green resembles an “A” film in its mise-en-scene.

     From the opening scene at Scotland Yard, the attention to detail in set design, costuming and props show a level of development not evident in the rest of the series.

     The consoment “B” film villain Henry Daniell plays Professor Moriarty in this film.  Nigel Bruce also returns as Dr. John Watson.  Paul Cavanaugh portrays Sir George Fenwick, one of the blackmail victims.  Holmes assist Inspector Greyson in this film.

     The film runs about 68 minutes.  You can watch it for free on YouTube.

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