Our Instructors


Ken Breaking in the late 1990s.

Ken Zimmerman Jr. is the Founder of the Zimmerman Self-Defense System and Co-Head Instructor for the Zimmerman Academy.  Ken is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, 2nd degree brown belt in Judo, and a green rank in a Goju Shorei weapons, a system based on the cane.  Ken has also studied other martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shotokan Karate and police self-defense systems.

Ken created the Zimmerman Self-Defense System to focus on teaching students self-defense with a mixture of the styles that he studied.  Ken wanted to remove the focus from competition and emphasize skills needed to survive an attack.

Ken is in the process of transitioning leadership of the academy to “Trey” and Caleb.  During the transition, Ken is revising the ground self-defense program which has been his passion over the last several years.  Ken will be going into semi-retirement in 2019 when he will concentrate on guiding the black belts.


Trey Breaking a Few Years Ago Around 15 Years of Age

Kenneth Zimmerman III is the Co-Founder of the Zimmerman Self-Defense System and Head Instructor for the Zimmerman Academy.  Kenneth is a gifted student who began the study of martial arts right before his fifth birthday.  Kenneth is a 1st degree black rank in Zimmerman Self-Defense System. a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo,  and a brown belt in Judo.  Kenneth has studied many of the same arts as his father and a few others that he picked up on his own.

Kenneth is taking on the responsibility of Head Instructor as he revises the standing self-defense techniques.  Part of Kenneth’s passion is helping students find their “fighting style” and guiding them into create a set of techniques around this style.

In 2019, Kenneth, Caleb and their group of instructors will take over day-to-day operations of the Zimmerman Academy.


Caleb and Te Teaching a Kid’s Class in the Past

Caleb Zimmerman is a Co-Founder of the Zimmerman Self-Defense System and Children’s Instructor for the Zimmerman Academy.  Caleb is a Red Rank in the Zimmerman Self-Defense System, purple belt in Judo and blue belt in Taekwondo.  Caleb will earn his black belt in the next year or two.  Caleb’s passion has always been Judo.

Caleb is a gifted instructor of children and oversees the Kid’s Program.  Caleb started Taekwondo at age 5 and Judo at age 6, which gives him a unique perspective on Kid’s Programs from the varied experiences that he had.

Caleb is revising the Kid’s Program to ensure younger students learn practical skills but have fun at the same time.

As some of our students become black belts and instructors we will add them to this page or subsequent pages.  We have been blessed with some great students.

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