Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)

   Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935) is one of the five Sherlock Holmes films starring Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes.  Director Leslie S. Hiscott adapted the Sherlock Holmes novel The Valley of Fear but added to the story to give Professor Moriarty and Col. Sebastian Moran roles in the story.


Arthur Wontner in Still from The Sleeping Cardinal from the Public Domain

     A significant portion of the movie is the retelling of the events leading up to the murder of an American agent hiding out in England from a secret organization.  John Douglas had infiltrated the American gang based on the Klu Klux Klan.  Douglas catches a number of the gang which leads Boss McGinty to threaten Douglas’ life.

     The American gang hires Professor Moriarty and his henchmen to kill the agent.  When Moriarty and his men carry out the contract, Scotland Yard seeks the assistance of Sherlock Holmes in solving the case.  Sherlock Holmes races to solve the mystery before anyone else is injured.

     Roy Emerton was born Hugh Fitzroy Emerton on October 9, 1893.  Before becoming a Shakespearean actor, Emerton served in World War I.  Emerton was also employed in a number of manual labor positions.

     Emerton played physically intimidating roles like Boss McGinty through out his career.  Roy Emerton passed away on November 30, 1944 at age 53.

     This film runs approximately 75 minutes.  It can be watched for free on YouTube or Hulu.  Arthur Wontner was my favorite film Sherlock Holmes.  I strongly recommend any of the Holmes’ films starring Wontner.

     If you have seen any of the Sherlock Holmes films starring Arthur Wontner, what did you think of them?  You can leave a comment or ask a question about this or any post on my Facebook pageTwitter profile and Google+ page.

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